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How do you prepare for a QHHT session?

Prior to your session, prepare a list of questions you would like your Subconscious/Higher Self to answer. Please have the list of questions neatly written or typed and bring them with you. These questions can include, but are not limited to, Life/Spiritual/Health/Relationship/Career. Nothing is too big or too small to ask about. If it's on your mind it is important to you, but be sure to prioritize your list. 

The Day of your Session:

It's normal to feel nervous about your first session. Just relax and set your intention to have a wonderful, relaxing and fulfilling session. Remember to breathe and remind yourself that your Subconscious/Higher Self wants to help and guide you in the very best way, and the session is a way of opening up the pathways of communication. You will not be given or shown anything you are not ready for. There will not be any judgement regarding any questions you may have, or any situations you are in. We are all humans just doing our very best to make it and find happiness and peace in our lives. The session is conducted from a place of pure love and our way to help serve mankind. Allow yourself to believe in what you are experiencing and simply allow yourself to receive the answers and help that you are seeking. There are no coincidences. You were led here for a reason. 

What to Wear:

You will be laying for approximately two hours during the hypnosis part of the session. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that will not feel restricting. 

What to Eat:

You will want to be sure to eat something prior to your session that will sustain you for 4-5 hours. You are welcome to bring a snack to eat immediately after the session, such as a protein bar, fruit or something light.  If you are a caffeine drinker, limit your caffeine consumption to just one serving before the session. You don't want to feel jittery, and will need to be able to lay still and relax. Clients should refrain from consuming any drugs or alcohol on the morning of or day of the session.  

What to Expect During your Session

Your QHHT session will consist of three parts. The first part of the session is the Interview. The Interview acts as a "getting to know you" process and is an extremely important precursor to the hypnosis part of the session. It allows the client and the practitioner to establish a rapport, and also allows the practitioner to know which types of questions to ask based off the information you share. The Interview is also the time when we go over your list of questions you would like answered by your Subconscious/Higher Self. The Interview is completely confidential and there are no judgements.  

The second part of the session is the actual Hypnosis part of the session.  This is the part where you will be guided through a past life and will address the Subconscious/Higher Self. This is also where the healing takes place, if appropriate. 

The third part of the session is the Debrief. The Debrief is where we will talk about the outcome of the Hypnosis portion of the session, and will also allow you time to reorient and ground yourself. Often times after the session you will feel extremely relaxed and in a blissful state, and will be experiencing a high vibration.    

After the Session

Once you leave your session, it is recommended that you get something to eat and continue to ground yourself, such as simply going out in nature.  Walking barefoot in the grass is a good example of how to continue to ground yourself.  It is advised that you do NOT go to sleep immediately after the session, or you will likely sleep around the clock because you are still processing. Go to bed at your normal bed time. 

Because QHHT gets you into such a deep state of relaxation, it is recommended to not have anything scheduled after the session that requires your direct attention or focus, as it may be difficult to concentrate on anything specific that same day. 

Since you may not remember all of the parts of the hypnosis portion of the session, it will be digitally recorded and client's will be given a copy of the recording.  Please bring an 8GB or 16 GB USB flash drive with you. It is recommended that the client listen to this recording daily, or as often needed. Listening even months after the session, especially the part when the Subconscious/Higher Self comes through, can be critical for your continued healing. Each time you listen, it can trigger something new in you.   

The communication pathway to your Subconscious/Higher Self stays open for approximately 3 days/nights after the session, and more information may come in. This is the optimal time for obtaining additional information.  During this window, you may have interesting dreams, and may receive additional information. You can ask questions before bed and the first thing that pops in your mind is the answer. Be careful not to allow doubts to creep in after your session and undermine the work that was done. Continue to listen to your recording and trust in your Subconscious/Higher Self.

Tips on Making your Session Successful

Simply closing your eyes while listening to Hertz music is a great way to help you relax the morning of your session, or anytime you need a mental break. 

What kind of questions do I ask?

You can ask anything at all. Because there is a lot to get through in the hypnosis part of the session and it needs to be limited to no more than two hours (full session), it’s best to prioritize your questions from the most important to the least. That way, if time runs out, you will have gotten the answers in which you’re most interested.

Here is a list of some example questions people have asked:

- What is my life's purpose?

-Am I on the right path?

- Am I in the right relationship for me?

- Will I find a long-term partner in my future?

- Have I lived a past life with my partner/friend/child?

- I would like to move. Where would be the best place for me? 

- Am I in the right career?

-What type of job or career should I pursue?

- What can I do to manifest more income/health/love in my life?

- How can I create abundance?

- Why am I struggling financially?

-Why do I feel depressed and/or anxious?

-How can I get rid of anxiety and/or depression?

- Why am I experiencing ____ (illness or pain)?

- What is the best diet for me?

-Why can’t I lose weight?

-How can I get rid of my addictions?

- I had an intense dream or experience, what did that mean?

- Why did I experience abuse in my childhood?

-How can I fix my relationship with my spouse/child/sibling/parent? 

-Why have I struggled in the past? 

-How many lifetimes have I had? 

-Where did my soul originate from?

-How can I embark on a spiritual path?

*These sample questions are commonly asked questions and simply suggestions. Your questions do not have to be limited to the above examples. You can ask anything about yourself or your life that you want to know.

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